Why Workplaces Should Have a Proactive Wellness Program

As the workplace becomes more competitive and demanding, employers should consider establishing a proactive health and wellness program. A proactive program should be built to empower both employers and employees to make changes within their environment to enable better productivity and a healthier workplace.

How Does a Wellness Program Help Your Business?

For employers, this could mean building a more resilient workforce, reducing absenteeism and achieving better results.

For employees, it can make a substantial difference in how effective they are in their daily lives. 

A healthy employee means being able to cope with day to day stresses of life far better; they are more likely to stay with a company that looks after them and produces better results. 

Retain and engage employees.

In a 2018 workplace wellbeing review by Wellplace, employees were much more likely to make a greater effort to support co-workers and the business they work for when they displayed high levels of wellbeing and were far less likely to plan on leaving their position. Managing workplace wellness is proven to increase workplace productivity while decreasing absenteeism and presenteeism from poor health.

What is the measure of success?

When looking at the bottom line, businesses looking to measure the success of a Health and Wellness program can start by looking at improving their absenteeism. In 2020 absenteeism alone was estimated to have cost the country 1.85 million dollars, equating to 7.3 million working days. 

If you can measure your health, you can manage it.

By understanding the cost of this absence on your business and combining a well-structured preventative program, you can quantify its benefits over time.

Livi Kay from KYND Wellness helping businesses measure their health using the KYND app

Improve staff retention and loyalty.

If your workplace needs to improve staff retention and loyalty, benchmarking previous results before rolling out a health and wellness program allows you to understand the importance of healthcare to retain staff. You can focus on areas that bring lasting results by seeking to quantify and run meaningful health campaigns throughout your business.  

How Can You Improve Your Employees’ Health and Wellbeing?

Developing an employee health and wellness program should be a holistic solution for your organisation to ensure your team are healthy, happy and productive. Giving your team great awareness of their physical, mental and social health and wellbeing allows them to see the big picture. 

Encourage employees to understand their health.

Allowing employees to understand what triggers could cause them issues like anxiety or sleep deprivation, which could then impact the other areas to cause greater sickness or injury in the other areas.

For responsible employers, being able to address the employees' potential physical ailments and ensure lower levels of stress or fatigue could lower workplace injury and ensure there was no compromise on the safety of your workers.

Business Benefits of a Healthy Workplace Graph by KYND Wellness

Physical health and its impact on your workforce wellness.

Prioritising your employees’ physical health and wellness is like servicing a car. The better their mechanics runs, the smoother the operation. Sadly, it is not uncommon for someone to have underlying health issues without realising them.

Health issues like high blood pressure now affect up to one in five New Zealanders, according to Southern Cross, and are a leading cause of cardiac arrest across the country. This preventable health issue and many others like prediabetes can be addressed early before they seriously impact someone’s health. 

Help employees monitor their health with regular check-ups.

Regular check-ups and monitoring of your physical health, from cholesterol screening to HbA1c and blood pressure monitoring, can empower workers to address issues quicker and create awareness of lifestyle changes that need to happen to ensure a healthy life.

Enable employees to measure their physical health.

With the confidential KYND wellness program, employees are taken through a series of tests to measure their own health statistics within the regular check-ups and track them along the program using the KYND Wellness App. Our clinicians will highlight any areas of concern and support you with advice on where to get help.

Mental health in the workplace and its impact on your business.

Mental distress affects one in five New Zealanders as a common but often unspoken health issue. The World Health Organisation estimates that by 2030 mental illness will be the leading cause of workplace absence and disability. Managing mental health is just as important as physical health in the workplace.

The 2021 Workplace Wellness report found that 66% of companies reported increased stress levels among employees, with the Covid-19 pandemic being most often stated as one of the causes. 

Employees' poor mental health can affect performance.

When employees' mental health in the workplace is ignored, it is not only a risk for the individual but can also significantly impact the performance of the wider business. Negativity and low morale within one individual can permeate through a team, directly affecting productivity. 

Empower employees to understand their mental health better.

Empowering your employees to monitor their mental health regularly can allow them to track patterns and triggers. They can assess their feelings holistically rather than just on one bad day. As an organisation, you can also measure the impact different incentives make on your team’s collective mental health.

With incentives like shorter working weeks or flexible work-from-home hours, you have access to quantifiable data on the impact of these changes directly from the KYND Dashboard

Social health and its impact on your employee work wellness.

Social Health and its impact on your company is a subject that is often overlooked. A sense of inclusion and fulfilment directly impacts an employee’s sense of purpose and reduction of stress. Often in business, social health is a quality that is left unquantifiable. By addressing your organisation's social needs, you can build a strong company culture that will increase the loyalty and retention of staff and reduce stress. 

Social health at work will lead to better business.

When building a solid team, by enabling the employees to form bonds and build trust, you are creating a collective set of minds that support each other. These networks at work can allow for increased creativity,  better decision-making, and more cohesion of thought.

Social health can be addressed personally through campaigns like goal setting or as larger groups with team bonding events or volunteering, all of which can instil a feeling of purpose within the participants. 

Employers can quantify their efforts toward a positive working environment. 

Through the KYND Dashboard, you can monitor overall social scores and gauge the effectiveness of your wellness campaigns and potentially their effect on workplace productivity and staff retention. KYND clinicians can help recommend potential positive changes within your business to improve how your workers relate to each other and you. 

A Personalised Employee Health and Wellbeing Program

As a risk assessment tool, an employee health and wellness program allows you to address and improve employees' performance accurately. With the KYND Wellness dashboard, employers are provided with a central hub of information on employee wellness.

With the anonymised employee data and help from KYND’s clinicians, employers can create personalised campaigns to address specific areas of workplace wellness that need improvement and measure their effectiveness. 

Wellness at work is key.

With the Covid-19 pandemic adding a layer of stress and pressure in recent years, it is more important than ever that workplace wellbeing is prioritised. Understanding what affects employee wellness is key to a healthy workplace. 

KYND Wellness provides the technology you need to support workforce health and wellness.

Happier and healthier companies and clients smiling with KYND Wellness and their workplace health and wellbeing program and app

As an employer, there are many factors to consider that can influence a worker's health. This can include workplace culture, how a business is organised, and workplace conditions. These and other factors can affect the health-related choices employees will make. 

It goes without saying that a healthy workplace is one that will make the overall wellbeing of its employees a top priority. It will promote positive relationships and collaboration, be mindful of diversity, be flexible with work-life balance, and most importantly, encourage a healthy lifestyle and choices.    

Get in Touch to Find Out More About Our Employee Wellbeing Programs

Prioritising the health and wellbeing of your most valuable assets can only be seen as a net gain for your business. Improved wellness at work will not only create a happier, healthier work environment but also increase overall workplace productivity. 

Contact us today, and we can discuss getting your business on board the KYND Wellness employee wellbeing program.

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