Rayonier Matariki

In early 2018, forestry giant Rayonier Matariki engaged Dr Tom Mulholland and his team to roll out the KYND app throughout their staff.

Dr Tom Mulholland the director of KYND and his team set out in their pop up medical clinic ambulance, and travelled the country for six weeks. Their mission was simple - head to the forests, meet the local workers and help provide the tools to measure and manage well being.

Employees had downloaded the KYND app and completed the MIND and LIFE sections, giving them their mental health scores. When they met with Dr Tom and the team, they tested the BODY section of the app, and had an evaluation with each employee. The crew got individual consultations, to assess any red or orange lights they may have received in the app.

Needless to say, KYND was received incredibly well by the managers, crews and family members.

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