The Dashboard and Our Ongoing Support of Your Company.

As employers, understanding your company's health and wellness metrics will help you implement positive change to improve your workforce's physical, mental and social health. You will have access to the KYND Wellness dashboard, the central hub of your team's anonymised health and wellness data. Our clinical team support you in assessing the data and advises you on future steps.

The Dashboard & our ongoing support of your company
How does the KYND Wellness dashboard work?

How does it work?

The KYND dashboard gives you an overall view of your company’s health and allows you to pinpoint where your workforce as a whole could improve. This will enable you to design programs to support these specific areas.

The accumulated data from the KYND health app allows you to track monthly improvements and assess how your campaigns affect the company's health scores.

Using health data to quantify your business’s wellness investment.

Using the KYND Wellness data to quantify your business's investment is essential for wellness programs in the workplace to make a difference. Employers can measure the impact of changes and potentially correlate that to the retention of staff, the improvement of productivity and reduction of absenteeism when done correctly.

However, changes rarely happen overnight, so our KYND clinicians are there to support and advise you with quarterly reviews of your data and build strategies with targeted initiatives.

The Workplace Wellness App for Better Health of Your Team.
How can health checks help your organisation?

Providing insight into your workforce’s health to make improvements.

Supporting your team, we will:
- Review the previous quarter and the cumulative year's results
- Review what worked and what did not within the last quarter’s initiatives 
- Recommend next stages, including the type of activities or events that would benefit your team.

If you as an employer recognise specific issues for your team, you can implement initiatives to improve the collective scores.

Employee wellbeing services.

As part of our ongoing support of your business, we give you access to a network of medical clinicians and experts in physical and mental health. This additional support can provide you access to workshops, educational content and one-on-one care.

Whether it is nutritional guidance for a staff meal plan, or introductions to clinical specialists in mental health, mindfulness and physical health, our ongoing support provides you with the tools to make change happen.

As experts in workplace wellness, we have seen some incredible, life-changing results with clients who do go the extra mile with their team. Investing in education and training for your staff is a positive, preventative measure toward better health.

Support your team towards better mental health
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