Our Mission.

KYND's mission is to empower organisations to create better health and wellness outcomes for employees.

Our vision is to help people lead healthier, happier and longer lives. We know that one on one consultations, identification of risk and personal planning can save lives.

Support your team towards better mental health
Measure employee health and wellness, then provide the right tools to improve it

It's all about knowing your numbers.

Over the last six years, we have worked extensively with New Zealand companies and their biggest asset; their people. During that time, we have uncovered many unknown risk factors, and course corrected individuals to safety, through advice on what to do next and how they can reduce their risk. Uncovering these risks doesn’t only improve productivity, reduce absenteeism improve talent retention, it also makes the work environment a safer place to be.

By measuring your employee's health, KYND will provide a coloured traffic light interface to give employees an indication of how at-risk they are. By knowing their numbers, they can take preventative action to prevent illness and injury.

We like to think that the app is like a 'check engine' light for your body.

Empower employees to take preventative action.

With more employees understanding the importance of blood pressure, cholesterol and HbA1C, we believe that fewer Kiwis will end up in the emergency department with life-threatening conditions. 

By the time people end up in the emergency department, it's often too late. KYND has been developed by medical professionals who have seen first-hand the damage and trauma of losing a loved one. KYND’s preventative health checks help to keep people out of the hospital and on the job, doing what they love.

We provide employees with a space to learn about their own health, receive valuable insights and tailored plans that help identify unknown risks and provide pathways to healthier lifestyles.

Women getting blood pressure taken

We believe both productivity and employee happiness will increase.

By understanding employee wellbeing, companies can better support and protect their greatest asset, their people. Seeing exactly how effective health and wellness programs are. Without healthy, functional and safe employees, businesses face higher absenteeism, higher injuries, higher fatalities, and lower productivity.

We believe both productivity and employee happiness will increase.
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