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Our Mission

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it. Over the last few years, we have traveled extensively around New Zealand, in our ambulance, testing thousands of forestry and farm workers.  During that time we have discovered many preventable illnesses that people had no idea they had. These not only endanger longterm health but increase chances of injury and reduce productivity.  Our mission is to improve the health literacy of forestry and farm workers around the world, minimizing harm and increasing productivity and employee retention.  When people understand why knowing your health data is so important, they make changes and see improvements. By measuring your employee's health, KYND will provide a coloured traffic light interface, to give employees an indication of how at risk they are. We like to think of these as the 'check engine' lights for your body. 

With more employees understanding the importance of blood pressure, cholesterol and HbA1C, we believe that less Kiwi's will end up in the emergency department with life-threatening conditions. We believe both productivity and employee happiness will increase.  By the time people end up in the emergency department, it's often too late.  KYND has been developed by medical professionals who have seen first hand the damage and trauma of losing a loved one. KYND will keep people out of the hospital and on the job, doing what they love.

By understanding employee wellbeing, companies can better support and protect their greatest asset, their people.  Seeing exactly how effective Health and Wellness programs are.  Without healthy, functional and safe employees, businesses face higher absenteeism, higher injuries, higher fatalities, and lower productivity.

KYND's mission is to improve employee health and increase productivity, commitment to your organisation and general wellbeing.