The KYND Story.

KYND was founded in 2016 by Dr. Tom Mulholland. After spending 30+ years working in the emergency department and seeing countless conditions of preventable illnesses, he decided he wanted to become the ambulance at the top of the cliff, not the bottom.

The KYND Story
Our Journey

Our Journey.

Dr. Tom Mulholland set out with a mission to travel New Zealand in a pop-up medical clinic ambulance, testing Kiwis for things such as blood pressure, cholesterol and HbA1C. Having high blood pressure and not knowing can cause a heart attack or stroke, which is how people often end up seriously damaged or worse in his hospital.

After touring the country for two years, Dr Tom and his team identified countless cases of unknown risk, which unless identified early, could cause significant preventable illnesses and deaths. These not only endanger long-term health but increase chances of injury and reduce productivity. With the new information Dr Tom's patients received, they were able to do something about it. However, Dr Tom and his team identified another issue with health care on this mission. Where do all of these individuals' data actually go? Writing down critical health information on paper was a pretty easy way for patients to lose them.

Dr. Tom then had the idea to create a health app.

The personal app for tracking health.

So came KYND. A health app designed for employees and individuals to easily store and track their health and wellbeing data.

Simple traffic lights; green, amber and red, allowed individuals to see where they had areas of risk, as well as small digestible bites of educational information and videos so that people could understand how to improve these risk areas and where to get help if they needed it.

The app was rolled out through many companies in Aotearoa.

Measure employee health and wellness, then provide the right tools to improve it

If you can measure your health, you can manage it.

Supporting businesses to help look after their employees.

Supporting businesses to help look after their employees.

Before Dr Tom began medicine, he worked in Forestry. His passion for the industry, and a few contracts with some incredible forestry companies in New Zealand, ignited his passion for adding value to the forestry industry. With high-risk jobs, Dr Tom understood the importance of sleep, healthy blood and a focused mind.

KYND, which measures physical, mental and social health, is the perfect tool to ensure that employees in sectors such as forestry are performing as efficiently and safely as they can. KYND has now grown and helped thousands of employees across many industries. It is an app designed not only with medical expertise and knowledge but also with passion and love for the industries it works in.

"This was a game-changer for me. If we can contribute to our people’s mental health and happiness, which is part of being healthy, then we can get better safety outcomes for all. It’s all about getting home safely every day."

Wayne Dempster

Health & Safety Manager, Rayonier Matariki

"Forestry is a high-risk industry, and health is a contributing factor to those risks. If we can use KYND to help individuals take some ownership of their health and prompt them to improve that health and equally look at an industry level to see where the sector can assist then we can work on it from both ends - and that’s going to make a difference, which is what we are here to do."

Fiona Ewing

National Safety Director, FISC

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