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App & Dashboard

The Health App: Give your employees access to a tool that measures and motivates their physical and mental health.
The Employer Dashboard: Access your organisation's health and wellbeing reports by logging into your own KYND dashboard. See your company’s biggest risks, strengths and areas for improvement.
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App, Dashboard & Health Checks

Everything in Silver, as well as:
The Launch Talk: Ignite your employees' health journeys by providing a launch talk by Dr Tom Mulholland, or another KYND Clinician, to explain the benefit of measuring and managing our health and wellbeing.
The Health Checks: Provide onsite health checks for your organisation by our KYND team. In these sessions, our clinicians will take your employee through a 40-minute health check and consultation and build a personal plan for each employee on how they can improve their physical and mental health.
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Full Service

Everything in Gold, as well as:
Group Workshops and Seminars from our diverse network of KYND experts to improve your employees' health based on the risks identified by KYND.
Healthy Thinking Books (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).
Healthy Thinking E-Learning Course which trains individuals on stress management and building resilience.
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