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Downloading KYND

Gaining access to the KYND App is simple. Any employee with a smartphone can download KYND from the app or Google Play store. You will recieve a company specific code, which we create for your employees to use when they make their account inside the App. This allows all of your companies information to be stored in your own, safe file. Employees can then fill out KYND MIND and LIFE, by simply filling in the questions about mental and social health. They will immediately recieve recommednations and traffic lights, based on their answers. 

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KYND Risk Reports

Once your employees have updated the KYND app, KYND generates a report for your company. This personalized report contains statistics and graphs about your companies specific risk areas.  This data is anonymised, to protect employee confidentiality, however health practitioners can intervene in case of severely at-risk individuals if employers require this.  

Unlike other wellbeing programmes, KYND allows you to find out your companies risk areas accurately. Knowing this allows you to direct resources to the areas your employees need most. 

We have identified different companies have varying risks, even in the same industry. Things that can affect variability are, geographical location, company policy, nature of work and management style. Each company will have strengths and risks. Therefore finding out exactly where your company could be at risk, is crucial if you want to mitigate that. 

KYND is about working proactively to enhance health and wellbeing, rather than reactively. People struggle with different areas of their health, whether it is physical or mental. We believe waiting until an accident occurs is too late. KYND takes a proactive approach, by finding risk areas so that they can be managed before something dangerous happens. 

You wouldn't drive a machine with checking the dashboard lights, so why would we let someone drive one without checking to see if they have warning lights that need addressing?  KYND wellness report, allows you to direct resources to the areas most at risk so you can manage them. 


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KYND Body Testing

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KYND BODY testing requires employees to know their blood pressure and various other medical information. This can be gathered in a number of ways. Employees can visit their GP and request this information. Employees (or the company) can invest in wearables, such as $30 wrist bands that measure blood pressure and other health areas. Alternatively, Dr Tom and his team can visit your site or workplace in their pop up medical clinic ambulance, that is fitted to test for every question in KYND Body. This is an effective way to engage employees with the programme, as each employee receives a consultation after their Body testing, where any red or orange lights that employees have in mental and social health can also be addressed. 

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