Fiona Ewing - National Safety Adviser - Forestry Industry Safety Council explains the benefits of KYND from an industry level.

“This was a game changer for me. If we can contribute to our people’s mental health and happiness, which is part of being healthy, then we can get better safety outcomes for all. It’s all about getting home safely every day.”
— Wayne Dempster, Rayonier Matariki

We launched KYND in December and the feedback has only been positive. Our staff have found the app easy to use, and empowering to really take charge of their own health.
— Janet, Southland District Council

It’s a really good check and prompt to tell you what you need to work on and if you need to make some changes and it’s mainly just reading over those things that you might not think about but that effect your life
— Dave - Rayonier

The KYND app has gone really well. The doctor has spent time with 23 employees, engaging in making their life style better for the future.
— Gareth Marriott, OCS

Awesome to have my numbers in my hand and keep track of my health
— Fabian, Rayonier