The Workplace Wellness App for Better Health of Your Team.

Give your employees a tool that can make a lasting impression on their physical and mental health. The confidential wellness app is a tangible way for them to track, assess and highlight changes they could make to improve their overall wellbeing.

The Workplace Wellness App for Better Health of Your Team.

How does it work?

Check Your Stats

Check Your Stats

Once inside the app, you can assess the three elements that make up your overall physical and mental wellness: LIFE, MIND and BODY. You are guided through each section by one of our experts and asked to assess yourself with a series of questionnaires created by our KYND clinical specialists.

Educate and Support

Educate and Support

Recommendations and advice are provided at each step of the way in the form of videos and articles. Education and support are at the heart of the KYND Wellness program so that you know where to go to get advice and how you can take the next steps towards improving your health if you encounter any improvement areas.

Track Your Progress

Track Your Progress

As you complete each step of your KYND Wellness personal assessment, a score builds to give you a picture of your overall wellness. By reassessing yourself once a month in the MIND and LIFE section, and the BODY section when required, you can track your progression and get a deeper understanding of how you tick. Tracking your progress helps keep you on track to getting well and staying well.

5x ROI
could be achieved with a Health & Wellness Program
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How the app can improve the workplace wellbeing of employees.

Often visualising and measuring your own health is the first step in making lasting life changes. Unfortunately, we can too easily ignore issues and pass them off as ingrained character traits. By breaking down each component to a personal score and giving you goals to achieve to improve your wellness, you can make simple changes that will affect you both at work and in your personal life.

Collectively as a workforce recognises areas of their personal development that need improvement, positive incremental changes will occur. Our wellness program, supported by the KYND health app, is designed to empower workforce health little by little, step by step.

A wellness app that assesses the health of your mind, body and life.

First, we help you understand the value of having a team of healthy and happy employees. We then guide you with the rest.

Early detection and intervention are effective tools to improve individuals' and organisations’ workforce health. Better health and wellness of employees is proven to increase productivity and decrease absenteeism and presenteeism.

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How is your mental health affecting your health?

Poor mental health can have debilitating effects on our productivity and happiness at work and at home. It can seriously affect your overall health, including physical and social health. Improving mental health in the workplace is linked to employee and business benefits.

Stress, Depression and Anxiety
Mindfulness & Gratitude
Sleep & Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Emotional Index

Are you thriving or just surviving?

The KYND life score reflects your Taha whanau or social wellness. Social health can have a massive impact on your mental and physical health, improving your overall happiness and fulfilment. It refers to relationships and how we interact with others at work and in the community. By identifying sections to make improvements, you can find solutions to help you thrive.

Empower Employee Health and Wellness.

Do you know your numbers?

Measuring and recording your physical health information identifies risks you need to be aware of and allows you to track your measurements over time. In combination with KYND Wellness health checks, you are advised on where areas of concern are and how to make proactive changes in your lifestyle and diet to show improvements.

Cholesterol - HDL, LDL & Triglycerides
Blood Pressure - Systolic & Diastolic
Lung Function & More
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