A tool that measures, monitors and motivates employee health and wellbeing


What is KYND?

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What is KYND?

KYND is designed to reduce workplace injuries and fatalities, increase productivity and commitment to your organisation. KYND also improves lives beyond the workplace, allowing individuals to lead happier and healthier lives, in their personal, family and social circles. 

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How to use KYND?

Now days people have an app for measuring almost everything. Milk fat solids, how many steps you take a day, and personal relationships. We believe KYND measures the most important numbers you can possibly have, which indicates if you're at risk to any serious health conditions. Watch this video to find out how simply KYND is to use. 

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What We Do

Find out exactly how you can get involved with the project, and how KYND can help make a difference in your company and in the lives of your employees.