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KYND Wellness combines clinical services and software for companies to create better health and wellness outcomes for their greatest asset; their employees.

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We work with employees, delivering preventative physical and mental health checks and consultations, to keep them healthy and thriving on the job. Each employee receives their own personalised plan and app, to empower them on their journey with their health and wellness.

We then work alongside organisations, to help develop wellbeing strategies by looking at their specific organisations risks, to create a unique and powerful workplace wellness culture.

“KYND was developed by New Zealand doctors, clinical psychologists and nutritionists. We know what’s best for the patient, is best for the business.”

- Dr. Tom Mulholland

Benefits of KYND


We inspire your workforce to understand the importance of preventive health with a high impact talk from a KYND Clinician.

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Our clinicians go onsite and provide personal, confidential consultations to screen for medical issues like hypertension, cholesterol and prediabetes, as well as consulting on mental and social health results.

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We give each employee an individualised wellness app to track, assess and highlight changes they could make to improve their overall wellbeing

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Inform and Support

We provide our clients with anonymised health and wellness data of their workforce’s key risk areas via a live dashboard. Our clinicians then work alongside you to assess the data and develop meaningful health and wellness strategies. The Dashboard allows you to measure the ROI of your organisation’s wellbeing initiatives.

Benefits for all

“Not only is looking after employee wellbeing the honourable thing to do, but it also benefits businesses, too.”

Peter Done | Forbes.com

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Why choose KYND


Corporate citizenry

The ability for you to show good corporate citizenry by showing your investment in staff wellbeing.


Working environment

Create a better working environment through having a healthy, motivated workforce.


Improve profitability

Improve your profitability by having a healthy employee wellness programme that reduces absenteeism due to ill health and provides more productivity through healthier, happier employees.


Expert team

KYND Wellness has the knowledge, the tools, the people and the fire to make its programme work profitably for your company.

Kind words about KYND

five star reviews

"Seldom does a new initiative create such influential change within an organisation or business. We had been searching for a way to measure the “soft” elements of our business, and KYND Wellness hits the nail directly on the head. We couldn’t be more pleased with the dashboard of data that’s now at our fingertips, we all know what can be measured, can be managed.I strongly encourage all organisations or businesses to utilise the KYND Wellness platform."

Rhys Roberts

CEO | Align Farms

five star reviews

“This was a game-changer for me. If we can contribute to our people’s mental health and happiness, which is part of being healthy, then we can get better safety outcomes for all. It’s all about getting home safely every day.”

Wayne Dempster

Health & Safety Manager, Rayonier Matariki

five star reviews

“Forestry is a high-risk industry, and health is a contributing factor to those risks. If we can use KYND to help individuals take some ownership of their health and prompt them to improve that health and equally look at an industry level to see where the sector can assist then we can work on it from both ends - and that’s going to make a difference, which is what we are here to do.”

Fiona Ewing

National Safety Director, FISC

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KYND Wellness can build a customised programme that ensures your employees are knowledgeable and motivated to be on a pathway of better health and wellbeing. This in turn builds better corporate culture and ultimately a better bottom line.

Here to help

Get in touch to discuss how we can help your bottom line by maintaining the health and wellness of your greatest asset…your employees, with practical medical advice and the science of our unique personalised software app.

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