Empower Employee Health and Wellness.

Enable your employees to take charge of their health and wellness with one-on-one consultations, personalised plans, and beautiful software to track individual and organisational progress of your workplace wellness.

Empower Employee Health and Wellness.
Measure employee health and wellness, then provide the right tools to improve it

Measure employee health and wellness, then provide the right tools to improve it.

Work with our clinicians to provide tailored, one-on-one plans for employees and your organisation. Integrate easy-to-use software to enable valuable reporting and continuous learning.

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Support your team towards better mental healthWomen getting blood pressure takenEngage their awareness of their social healthWatch your business grow

Support your team towards better mental health

Poor mental health can have debilitating effects on our productivity and happiness at work and at home. Our program allows individuals to measure their mental health and receive insights and recommendations on things that can support them to better mental health.

Support your team towards better mental health

Enable your team to measure their physical health

In combination with KYND Wellness health checks, your team is advised on where areas of concern are and how to make proactive changes in their lifestyle to show improvements.

Women getting blood pressure taken

Engage their awareness of their social health

Social health can massively impact your mental and physical health, improving your overall happiness and fulfilment. It refers to relationships and how we interact with others at work and in the community. By identifying areas to make improvements, you can find solutions to help your team thrive.

Engage their awareness of their social health

Watch your business grow

We provide the tools and expertise to implement the programme. As employers, you can then measure the impact of changes and potentially correlate that to the retention of staff, the improvement of productivity and the reduction of absenteeism.

Watch your business grow


Healthy employees are more productive.With improvements to the mental, physical and social health for your team, they will be more engaged, decreasing absenteeism and presenteeism.

Retain & Attract Employees

Managing workplace wellness can decrease absenteeism and presenteeism from poor health. Retain and attract employees with a positive workplace.


When your workforce’s mental and physical state is healthy and strong, they’re more creative, solution-focused and innovative. Not only is taking care of your team the moral thing to do, it’s good for the bottom line of your business also. 

"This was a game-changer for me. If we can contribute to our people’s mental health and happiness, which is part of being healthy, then we can get better safety outcomes for all. It’s all about getting home safely every day."

Wayne Dempster

Health & Safety Manager, Rayonier Matariki

"Forestry is a high-risk industry, and health is a contributing factor to those risks. If we can use KYND to help individuals take some ownership of their health and prompt them to improve that health and equally look at an industry level to see where the sector can assist then we can work on it from both ends - and that’s going to make a difference, which is what we are here to do."

Fiona Ewing

National Safety Director, FISC

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