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"Seldom does a new initiative create such influential change within an organisation or business. We had been searching for a way to measure the “soft” elements of our business, and KYND Wellness hits the nail directly on the head."

Rhys Roberts | CEO, Align Farms

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Employer Benefits

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Knowing the health and mental wellbeing of your workforce through a graphic dashboard made up of aggregated but anonymous data. Provides the ability to track ongoing uptake, trends and progress.

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Clinical Consulting

The KYND clinical team consults directly with employers to identify key health risks which enables the employer to implement more relevant and effective health and wellness strategies.

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We give each employee an individualised wellness app to track, assess and highlight changes they could make to improve their overall wellbeing

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Ongoing support

KYND provides employers with quarterly assessments as well as offering specialised workshops and relevant clinical resources to support those internally responsible for the organisations health and well being.

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Building healthy profits with healthy people

An employer is constantly monitoring and improving the health and wellbeing of their greatest asset, their people, and in turn positively impacting the bottom line.

Employee Benefits

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An in-house programme launch provided by KYND to demonstrate the benefits of preventable health measures and motivate participation.

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A personalised and easy functioning app that allows self assessment of one’s own mental, social and physical health.

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Personalised plan developed for each employee with individual realistic goals to encourage improvement in mental and physical health.

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Tracking the progress of an individual’s physical and mental health through their own app data.

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Building healthy people builds healthy profits

A workforce that is motivated to self improve their health, both mental and physical, with the known support of their employer makes a more enjoyable work environment, lessens absenteeism and increases productivity.

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