KYND Pharmacies

Proud Partners of New Zealand Pharmacies

KYND Wellness is proud to partner with pharmacies across New Zealand. By working with the excellent clinical workforce that pharmacies provide throughout the country we can extend our services further.

We recognise that pharmacists are exceptionally hard-working, clinically qualified, and community-connected professionals, and take pride in our partnership with the industry.

KYND Pharmacies
KYND Health and Wellness Program

KYND Health and Wellness Program

Our KYND program is not only available at workplaces, but also within select pharmacies across New Zealand.

We are proud to partner with Robertson Pharmacy in Taranaki and are currently expanding our pharmacy reach throughout the country.

Join Us to Make a Difference

We are currently looking for progressive pharmacies to join our KYND mission, to be able to deliver our KYND health checks in-store and onsite with our clients.

KYND works with organisations to deliver preventative health care. KYND manages the relationships with our clients and then works with pharmacies to deliver parts of our clinical program.

Illustrate the importance of preventative health assessments.
Support for your organisation and employees.

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