How a Workplace Wellness Program Can Help Your Business Thrive.

For every $1 spent on proactive health and wellbeing programs, businesses can expect a $5 return.

We believe both productivity and employee happiness will increase.
Support your team towards better mental health

Improve productivity and loyalty.

It is not just professional athletes that should have personalised wellness programs built to help them perform better. Your team’s health is just as crucial to your business’s performance as keeping costs down and growing your pipeline.

Loyalty and productivity are critical components to the success of a company. With a competitive job market, a work-life balance is a key to retaining employees, as many will now choose a better, healthier life over a paycheck.

It starts with understanding the value of healthy and happy employees.

First, we help you understand the value of having a team of healthy and happy employees. We then guide you with the rest.

Early detection and intervention are effective tools to improve individuals' and organisations’ workforce health. Better health and wellness of employees is proven to increase productivity and decrease absenteeism and presenteeism.

It starts with understanding the value of healthy and happy employees

How our Health and Wellness Program works 

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Get the team inspired

With a launch talk by one of our team, we'll get your employees listening to highlight the importance of taking care of our physical and mental wellbeing. The motivational talk inspires your employees to take their health seriously.

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Get their stats checked

We will introduce everyone to the app, and then we will begin your health checks and consultations. Our health service provides businesses with practical tools to help employees understand their health and get well and stay well.

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Empower your team

From here, our clinical team will get you comfortable using the dashboard and provide quarterly sessions to review your data with you. From experience, we recommend plans you can implement to improve your workforce's physical, mental and social health.

Measure employee health and wellness, then provide the right tools to improve it

Let KYND help you create a world-class employee health and wellbeing program that will

✓ Attract top talent
✓ Improve employee loyalty
✓ Increase workplace productivity

We strive for better risk awareness and a healthier workplace.

30 years of emergency medicine and witness to countless preventable deaths has concluded that we need to take our health education and risk awareness seriously.

The KYND Story
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Make a difference in your company.

As employers, you have the opportunity to make a difference and support your workers. Medical clinicians have designed the KYND Wellness program to empower them to take charge of their health and wellness and prevent these often needless illnesses. Starting this education and awareness is not only good for them, but it's also good for your bottom line.

Founded by New Zealand doctors and clinical psychologists, KYND is a preventive employee health and wellbeing program that couples clinical expertise and modern software to deliver a consultation that extends further than just an annual health check.

Start Your Journey

You will be in good company.

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